Mobile Soil Unit

Environmental & Cropping Technologies Australia is proud to announce the delivery of their mobile soil unit to our wide range of services available. 

Attached to a flat top trailer, the purpose built hydraulic soil coring unit features an Atlas-Copco jackhammer which helps push the 50mm core tube through practically any soil type. The mobile unit can collect uninterrupted soil samples to depths of up-to 1.5 metres.

Hydraulic Soil Corer on Environmental & Cropping Technologies Custom Built Trailer

Our additional soil sampling solutions:

Deep soil Nitrogen testing solutions

Surface soil tests aren’t an accurate reference point for determining plant available nitrogen that is contained deeper in the soil layers. Our soil corer is perfect for undertaking Deep N sampling, so you can get a better understanding of what’s available in your heavier soils. We can even organise additional soil tests at the analysis stage to further determine any potential soil constraints you may have.

Sub-soil moisture & nutrient analysis

Are you looking to implement Yield Prophet on your farm, and need sub-soil moisture and nutrient analysis tests completed? Or, maybe you’re interested in whats happening below the surface? Our soil corer is perfect for taking uninterrupted soil samples, where you then have the ability to segregate samples based on depth or horizons.

Soil characterisation & depth to clay

Maybe you need some assistance in classifying your soil? Or maybe you’re interested in the creation of depth-to-clay maps for targeted delving, clay spreading or soil amelioration? Combining our sampling services with our data processing services, the team at Environmental & Cropping Technologies Australia can assist you with all of sampling and processing requirements.

Subsoil pH & Electrical Conductivity monitoring

Are you looking at monitoring soil pH or electrical conductivity levels at depths beyond the topsoil? Our custom built soil corer easily allows sampling at depths of up-to 1.5 metres quickly, and without the need for digging pits or potentially contaminating samples.

What makes us different to our competitors

  • Ability to sample at depths larger than most fertilizer companies.

  • All soil test sites are GPS georeferenced. This allows us to return back to the same location at a later date.

  • Choice of soil testing agencies for your soil sample analysis. We can organise testing at the CSBP laboratories, APAL Agriculture Laboratories or an analysis company of your choice*. 

  • Paddock & site information is electronically recorded at time of sampling, including some soil characteristic notes.

  • Soil sample results can be sent to you, your agronomist or other farm advisor in a range of formats ranging from Microsoft Excel, Google Earth .kml/.kmz formats or ready to be imported into most Precision Farming software.

  • Ability to work directly with farmers, farm grower groups, industry, agronomists, fertilizer sales agents, researchers, local councils, universities, with a service package to suit each individual organisation.

  • We are competitively priced, and offer bulk discounts covering the whole of WA.

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We are proud to process our raw data 100% locally, and in-house... Can your precision ag services company do that?

To find out more about our wide range of products and services, and how we can assist you in your operations, please contact us.
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 * Quarantine restrictions may apply and potentially limit some external soil analysis providers. Please contact Philip on 0428 768 589 for further details.