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Philip is Environmental & Cropping Technologies Australia's Company Director, and manages the GIS & Precision Agriculture data processing for the company. He has a keen interest in AgTech and is also a committee member of Society of Precision Agriculture Australia (SPAA).

Precision Agriculture Apps

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Precision Agriculture Apps Earlier this year, our company director Philip presented a speech at the 2018 SPAA Crystal Brook PA Expo on the latest precision agriculture app offerings available to farmers. There have been numerous developments in the ag-app industry, as precision agriculture service provider companies look at making it easier for farmers and [...]

Soil Testing 2018

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Soil Testing 2018 is well and truly in full swing for the season. If you would like to know more about your levels of nutrition at depth or to verify sensor-derived paddock maps, give Philip a call for competitive sampling rates throughout Western Australia. With a choice of laboratories and analysis options available, we can [...]

Depth Charger Trials

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We’ve been keeping an eye on the Rocks Gone Pty Ltd depth charger trial site from the sky, utilising internally processed Sentinel Satellite imagery. This capture taken early July 2017 shows the distinct differences between the ripped paddock, and its unripped control strips. To find out more about our biomass monitoring services using satellite imagery or our [...]

AgriTrack Spray

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It's official!..... We've just installed the first trial with the new AgriTrack spray app! AgriTrack users can quickly record all spray events with a couple taps of the screen, and automatically grab the weather conditions from the nearest DAFWA weather station! If you would like to trial the AgriTrack & AgriTrack spray system free for [...]