Combining customised ag-tech & connectivity solutions with local agronomic experience, farmers throughout WA can now take advantage of customised IoT solutions and maximise their return on collected field data.

Field weather station installed in Western Australia.

Remote water tank monitoring with flow sensors & ultrasonic tank level readings.

Origo Weather Station AgTech AWS 900mhz

Weather Station connected via the 900mhz radio network.

Customisable solutions for all operations


Are you suffering from poor internet quality or speeds? Maybe you have limited phone coverage at home or in your vehicles or sheds?

  • Legal Celfi Mobile Boosters for vehicles or buildings.

  • Combining 3G/4G services with additional 4G, Satellite or Fixed-Wireless NBN Internet Services for higher speeds or larger data allowances.

  • Customised point-to-point Wifi Solutions between farms & buildings.

  • Paddock & Shed Wifi Accessibility.

  • 900mhz radio networks for IoT & Sensor Systems.

Sensors & Stations

Select from a 100% Customisable 2-metre or 6-metre node stations with 3G/4G connectivity, or 900mhz radio-connectivity options for poor mobile-coverage areas. Some of the many sensors available include:

  • Rainfall, Temperature & Humidity.

  • Wind Speed & Direction

  • Leaf Wetness

  • Solar Radiation

  • Soil Moisture Probes

  • Liquid Flow Sensors (water tank or trough)

  • Ultrasonic Tank Level Sensors ( liquid or granular levels)

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