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We are bridging the information gap between growers, advisors & technology providers.

Founded in February 2015, Environmental & Cropping Technologies Australia was formed to bridge the growing knowledge & scientific technology gap between growers, agronomists and farm machinery dealers. Beyond this, we are also proud to provide cost-effective environmental management & geographic information services throughout Western Australia.

We pride ourselves as a leader in precision agriculture (PA), geographic information system (GIS) and environmental management services. Not only does our team have the practical knowledge and industry experience behind farming operations & environmental management, we are proud to process all of our raw data 100% locally in-house by degree-qualified personnel who completely understand your enterprise.

Mapping & data processing services that help improve farming operations & increase efficiencies.

Professional services,
100% tailored directly to you.

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Data Processing Services

Whether it is yield, elevation, soil test results or anything containing a value & a lat/long, we can process it into meaningful maps for you.

Mapping Services

Don’t have the tools to map your boundaries, paddock features, elevation or biomass accurately? We can assist you in your mapping requirements!

 Soil Services

Do you need your soils tested at depths of up-to 1.5 metres? Environmental & Cropping Technologies Australia can assist you with all of your soil testing requirements.

Specialised services to help improve your bottom line

GIS Services

With industry leading software, we can assist you with processing and visualising all of your GIS data to help you make better informed decisions.

Consultancy & Training

Do you have a whole heap of data, and you’re not quite sure what to do with it all? Maybe you need some training in how to create variable rate maps or clean yield maps?

Research Trial Assistance

Are you a grower or research group that needs assistance with precision agriculture data processing or research extension?

Environmental Management

Do you need assistance in environmental management? Maybe you want to improve on-farm biodiversity or need help in rehabilitation works?

Products to help make farm management & logistics easy!

AgriTrack Vehicle Management 

Grow your profits by minimising downtime, reducing errors and eliminating miscommunication.

  • Shared vehicle coverage maps – see what has been done, no matter the GPS brand type.
  • Info Points – Mark & share hazards to avoid downtime.
  • Area Measurement – Quickly & accurately measure areas over the top of satellite imagery.
  • Weather Integration – View live rain radar or nearest DAFWA weather station readings.
  • Harvest Base Management – See fill levels & notes on each field bin.
AgriTrack Solutions

Origo Weather Stations & AgTech

Improve your on-farm internet connectivity, and maximise the potential of your on-farm data:

  • Weather Monitoring.
  • Pump Control & Automation.
  • Tank & Fluids Monitoring.
  • Internet Connectivity & On-Farm Wifi Solutions.
  • IT Technical Advice & Assistance.
AgTech Solutions

What makes us different?

  • Local raw-data processing guaranteed. We don’t outsource our work like some of our competitors do.

  • 100% customisable packages to suit your operational needs and goals.

  • Professional, personal service backed up by tertiary credentials & farming experience.

  • We look at your operation as a whole, to help you reach your efficiency, productivity & sustainability goals.

  • We use the latest technologies and software to help you maximise your full potential, cost effectively.

  • We are always available, whenever you need support or help.

Full Precision Ag & Geographic Information System (GIS) services with Google Earth export capabilities.

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We are proud to process our raw data 100% locally, and in-house... Can your precision ag services company do that?

To find out more about our wide range of products and services, and how we can assist you in your operations, please contact us.
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