Precision Data Processing

Precision Data Processing is the main core activity here at Environmental & Cropping Technologies Australia. Utilising advanced software, we have the ability to import most machine data files & raw data file formats. After cleaning data files, removing error points and processing, we then have the ability to export processed data into a range of file formats including Shape Files, Google Earth Files, Comma-Separated (.csv) files, Machinery Ready Files and Basic Images.

Our software has the ability to process a wealth of information, ranging from yield maps, NDVI biomass maps, elevation & water flow mapping, application (as-applied) maps, variable rate maps & electromagnetic survey … and unlike some of our competitors, we’re proud to do it in-house & not outsource or distribute your work to external companies!

Available data processing services

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We are proud to process our raw data 100% locally, and in-house... Can your precision ag services company do that?

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