Precision Agriculture Apps

Over the years there have been numerous Precision Agriculture apps released to farmers and consultants, all in the aim of making farm imagery & data more accessible. But with so many applications available out there……where does one start and what does one exactly look for when determining how well an application fits into their farming goals?

At the 2018 Crystal Brook SPAA Expo held in March, I had the opportunity to present some of the latest product offerings & features available to growers from companies such as Decipher, Hectare.Ag, Data Farming, Echelon…and discuss with growers and consultants what they should be looking for to help make management decisions easier on cropping properties. The results of which have recently been shared in SPAA’s flagship magazine PA News Winter 2018 edition, with downloadable links below:

Downloadable Copies:

SPAA Precision Ag Apps (PA News – Winter 2018) (4mb file)
SPAA Precision Ag Apps – Crystal Brook Presentation with Notes (Complete) (2mb file)

To keep up to date with the latest app offerings and to find out how PA-apps may help improve your farming operation efficiencies, please feel free to contact me directly on 0428 768 589 or consider signing up to SPAA -Society of Precision Agriculture Australia to keep up with the latest industry news.