Biomass Mapping Services

Equipped with the latest Trimble RTK equipment and GreenSeeker Biomass Sensors, the team at Environmental & Cropping Technologies Australia is proud to offer biomass mapping services throughout Western & Southern Australia.

 With 4 cameras fitted onto a ute mounted boom, our team can accurately map red-NDVI biomass levels in standing crops or pastures, providing you with a ready to use map that helps identify in-season variability and vigour, in-season treatment responses and regions to target tissue testing. Beyond this, GreenSeekers are the perfect tool to map and monitor potential stress, pest and disease impacts before physical symptoms show & yield penalties occur.

NDVI maps can be implemented into spraying & spreading Variable Rate Maps that are machine ready, or used in conjunction with yield maps to identify areas of potential weed burden.

How can I use my biomass data?

Variable Rate Mapping

GreenSeeker biomass maps are a great starting source for your variable rate projects. Compare field recordings against nitrogen rich strips, and you can help identify whether your crops need a top-up of fertiliser.

Scouting & Weed Mapping

By comparing your biomass maps against your yield maps, we can help identify areas where weeds may have out-competed your crops or sites that need further investigation to understand production constraints.

Insurance Purposes

Biomass imagery is a great tool to help identify, mark & quantify areas that have been affected by spray drift, & have been used in past insurance cases for calculating potential insurance payouts.

Crop Progress Management

Use biomass maps to help identify & quantify in-season variation between treatments in on-farm trials, or use imagery to identify areas that need different management.

Reasons why we prefer to use GreenSeekers over drone & satellite imagery:

  • The ability to map under practically any condition; day or night.

  • GreenSeeker NDVI readings aren’t cloud affected, and they do not require complex atmospheric corrections like some satellites need.

  • We aren’t restricted by battery life or flight time experienced with drones. Our biomass maps don’t need complex stitching which can introduce errors if done incorrectly.

  • We aren’t restricted by satellite flight paths, or capture periods. We can map individual paddocks, rather than being required to purchase minimum coverage tiles or two tiles if you’re on the border.

  • GreenSeekers are an active sensor, so our readings are readily comparible day after day, year after year. This is different to Passive sensors (passive sensors require a light source such as sunlight such as UAV’s & satellite derived imagery) that often aren’t easily comparable (if comparable all).

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