We’re committed to improving farm connectivity.

Environmental & Cropping Technologies Australia is proud to announce our recent industry partnership agreement with ag-tech solution provider Origo.Farm.

Combining Origo’s experience in customised ag-tech & connectivity solutions with our local agronomic & GIS experience, farmers throughout Western Australia can now take advantage of customised IoT solutions and maximise their return on collected field data.

Environmental & Cropping Technologies Australia Director Philip said, “With so many solutions available on the market, it is completely understandable that many farming operators are overwhelmed with trying to work what solution they should pursue, and wondering whether solutions will talk to each other. Origo’s solutions ensure that farmers have access to a complete solution, that is guaranteed to work and talk under a Service Level Agreement. This is what makes Origo quite unique to their competitors”.

From October 2018, farmers & researchers throughout South-east Western Australia will have access to local installers who completely understand their farming enterprises, and can help make sure that all data captured on-farm can be used effectively & efficiently to make better management decisions. Some of the many products available within the Origo range include:

  • Legal Mobile Phone Boosters
  • Point to Point Wifi systems between farm buildings, sheds & other infrastructure
  • Customised Weather Stations running cellular or meshing-radio options for poor signal areas
  • Tank & Silo Level Monitoring, with additional flow-sensors.
  • Customised Security Camera solutions.

Origo.farm was established to provide IT services and be a part of Australian agriculture. “We are focused on developing services that assist our farmers using open technologies” Origo.Farm Managing Director Annie said.  “Our owners are from the Ag Industry and our Reference Farms ensure that we are providing technologies and services that farmers want so they can make the best of good years, an average year better and the best of bad years”.

Origo.Farm 6m Automatic Weather Station – Spray Inversion Monitoring version.

About Environmental & Cropping Technologies Australia:
Environmental & Cropping Technologies Australia supports Precision Agriculture and Environmental Management companies throughout Western & Southern Australia, with the provision of high-quality data processing and technical services. Our qualified team can effectively process yield maps, elevation data, biomass data and imagery, and help you make educated decisions in improving your agricultural or environmental enterprise through the use of technology.

About Origo.Farm:
Origo.farm is an independent solution and provides managed Ag Tech Services. We do not sell a specific product, but use open hardware and software technologies from a variety of suppliers which give farmers the best ‘bang for buck’. All Origo.farm solutions come with a Service Level Agreement.  This means that we monitor and support your Ag tech equipment all year round and our local Service Partners can be called upon from a location close to you.