Smart farming the future for Environmental & Cropping Technologies Australia

The team at Environmental & Cropping Technologies Australia (ECTA) are bridging the knowledge and scientific technology gap between growers, agronomists and farm machinery dealers.

Founded in February 2015, mother-and-son directors Philip Honey and Simone Honey wanted to provide local farmers with local support. They created an ‘in-house’ company that deals with their data from start to finish, without outsourcing the processing work.

“By seeking professional advice from ECTA, we can help ensure that you are utilising the right products suited to our local conditions and make sure you’re on the correct path to maximise your data potential,” he said.

“We have some of the most progressive farmers in the state, who are looking forward to testing and utilising next-generation equipment and technology to become more productive and environmentally and economically sustainable.”

Based in Esperance, the dedicated team at ECTA are always available to help.

“We pride ourselves on our specialised customer service and enjoy volunteering our time with grower groups and furthering the extension activities of industry not-for-profit groups,” Philip said.

“Our promise is to stand by you 100 per cent in your farming and environmental management operations, with locally produced custom-tailored services that improve your operations and enterprises, providing both sustainability and profitability.” ECTA’s services include:

Consultancy and training – the company works with a wide range of farmers and regional grower groups to ensure that they are maximising the potential of their data collected and help ensure their technology success both now and into the future.

Data management and processing – the team can process any data into a wide range of maps including yield maps to show low and high production areas, Gross Margin maps to show economic variability and more.

Data collection and soil testing – ECTA can collect crop-health maps utilising our GreenSeeker cameras, soil-test depths of up-to 1.5m with customised their soil-corer and scout paddocks to map weed and pest incidences.

AgTech, IoT and communications – the team ensures you get the best connectivity solution available with products including on-farm weather stations and remote-tank monitoring solutions.

ECTA is a side-arm Shubin Holdings Pty Ltd and was awarded the Esperance Chamber of Commerce & Industry Business of the Year Award in 2018.


As appears in The Esperance Express, 28th June 2019